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About the house

Alongside the garden, pool and property, there are many other amenities relating to your property that make your stay and that of your guests more enjoyable.
All this requires continuous monitoring and maintenance. For this, we provide you with a suitable service line.

If you have any requirements that we have not listed here, please contact us!

Craftsmen, Architects & Specialists

Are you rebuilding or planning a new building? With their extensive experience of the island, our specialists can assist you with your projects from planning to completion.

We are also happy to provide you the right specialist from almost all sectors and trades.

Shopping Service

  • Have you just arrived and do not want to have to go shopping right away?
  • Are you planning a celebration and need assistance?


  • Do you need a hired car?
  • TÜV certification – from appointment to approval
  • Other car-related tasks


  • Boat charter
  • Support with questions and issues relating to the authorities
  • Procurement of a special location for your event

Do you have any questions or want to request a quote?